How long will it take to receive my order?
We work VERY hard to be sure all orders ASAP.  Unpainted designs ship within 5 business
days of the date of purchase. Painted designs ship within 10 business days of the
date of purchase. We ship via USPS Priority Mail (2-3 mailing days).
Traditional monograms for individuals would be listed in this order: first, last, middle.
(Example: Emily Leigh Ward = EWL)
Traditional monograms for couples would be listed in this order: wife, last, husband.
(Example: Leigh and Steven Ward = LWS)
The first initial of the last name is placed is the larger letter in the center of the design.
What size monogram should I choose for the space above a bed?
While this is definitely a matter of personal preference, we offer the following
Above a crib = 24 inch to 30 inch
Above a twin size bed/standard dorm room bed = 24 inch
Above a full or queen size bed = 24 inch to 30 inch
Above a king size bed = nothing smaller than a 30 inch
Please keep in mind that you will need to measure your space to be sure that the piece
will work well for you.
How wide/tall will my monogram be?
Our monogram designs are equal in height and width. So, for example, a 24 inch
monogram would measure 24 inches tall and 24 inches wide. Custom sizes are also
available. Just message us for details.
How should I hang my new design?
While our door hangers include a wire or jute twine hanger, our wooden monograms,
wooden names and words, and our wooden name signs do not include hooks, holes or
hanging hardware. We've found that our customers prefer to choose their own hanging
style. So, we've left these items off to allow these pieces to be displayed any way you
We've had great results from mounting them to the wall using Command Adhesive Strips.
Here's an approximate weight detail to help with hanging plans:
12 inches and under = Approximately 12 ounces (or less)
18 inches = Approximately 2 pounds
20 inches = Approximately 2.5 pounds
24 inches = Approximately 3.5 pounds
30 inches = Approximately 6 pounds
36 inches = Approximately 7 pounds
If I purchase an unpainted design, how should I paint it?
Many of our customers report painting these pieces to be an easy DIY project. We
recommend applying spray paint in several light coats with a little sanding between
coats for a great finish.
We also offer painted options to provide you with a finished piece... Just check out our
listings for details.
Is there a Needmore Heart storefront that I can visit?
Well, not yet. I work alongside my husband in his cabinet shop. So, there’s no room for
display and visitors right now, but we hope to add this option soon. <3
Where did the name “Needmore Heart” come from?
I have lived my entire life in a little community named “Needmore” in Alabama. Our
main road is Needmore Road and it is lined with some of the best people I’ve ever
known. So many of my family members live here, and the ones who are not related still
feel like family. When Steven and I got married, there was never any doubt that we’d
make our home here. Now we’re raising our own little family in this same sweet
community. So, when it came time to name our new business, there was a round of
applause from my friends and family who love this place as much as I do when we
announced the new name... Needmore Heart. This name speaks volumes for me. This
little community and this little business hold so much of my heart. It’s a pleasure to
share of piece of this “Needmore Heart” with you!  ❤